About Us


Future Focus Films was founded by award winning film maker and community professional Suj Ahmed in 2007 to raise focus on social issues that affect our communities, particularly those who are vulnerable and marginalised. Our social issue videos are used widely by people affected by those issues and a whole range of professionals who can utilise the videos to support vulnerable people.


Since 2013 we have made two feature length films which have been screened at international film festivals.
GATES OF VANITY is about a family man being held captive in his own home by a psychotic homeless man he has befriended, as he struggles to free himself before his family is threatened. GATES OF VANITY is available to view, rent, buy at Amazon Prime, iTunes, MUBI.

I,A SLAVE deals with the harrowing subject of abduction and sex trafficking. A young woman is kidnapped and held captive by two men in a terraced house in a busy London neighbourhood.  A relationship develops between the young woman and the younger man who it transpires has also been kidnapped and conditioned from a very early age. 


Our short fiction films CARING FOR MOTHER and HAPPY BIRTHDAY have been well received and deal with important social issues. The films have an emotional impact through dramatising the issues.
We have produced one sixty minute documentary WOMEN OF FAITH which focuses on the lives of three women who have converted to another faith.
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